[[t]sə(r)pɑ͟ːs, -pæ̱s[/t]]
surpasses, surpassing, surpassed
1) VERB If one person or thing surpasses another, the first is better than, or has more of a particular quality than, the second.

[V n] He was determined to surpass the achievements of his older brothers...

[V-ed] Warwick Arts Centre is the second largest Arts Centre in Britain, surpassed in size only by London's Barbican.

2) VERB If something surpasses expectations, it is much better than it was expected to be.

[V n] Conrad Black gave an excellent party that surpassed expectations.

3) VERB If something surpasses understanding, it is too difficult to understand.

[V n] ...a clever and spectacularly successful system, the detailed complexity of which surpasses our full understanding.

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